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Camping gear for a Hunting Trip

Sleeping Equipment: If you want to have a comfortable and safe sleep, it is important to have high quality sleeping equipment, including sleeping bag, pads and a cot. Sleeping bag should be filled with down or synthetic fiber and rated to - 15C in early to mid season and to - 30C in the late season.  Many mountaineers and mountain hunters use an overbag in combination with their sleeping bag. Make sure your sleeping bag has enough room for sleeping while wearing several layers of clothing and allowing space for your inner boots and a water bottle. Just as important as your sleeping bag is making sure you have comfortable and well insulating sleeping mat underneath the bag. In cold weather it is advisable to use a minimum of two closed cell foam pads or a combination closed cell with inflatable foam pad. Bringing along a lightweight cot is a luxury that is well worth it. A cot will not only provide an even surface for you to sleep but will also make you feel warmer by adding a layer of air between your body and the tent floor. Adequate sleep is essential to feeling good and staying healthy at high altitudes. Do not save on quality by saving money on your sleeping gear!

Tent: Few things are more important to your successful adventure than a tent, which should be of the highest quality. A three or four season tent made by reputable manufacturer, with taped seams will last a long time. You will want to allow extra room per person since many days can be spent in a tent, storm-bound. Extra poles and repair materials are vital in case your tent is damaged by storms. Bring enough anchors to keep your tent secure. A tent can be lost when left unattended and a sudden surge of wind whips up. Use a good rain fly, properly secured in place to add strength to the stability and integrity of the tent. Tent fly also make tent warmer. 

Stove: Hunting or mountaineering expeditions take a lot of energy and make you so hungry you could eat a cow. Having light, easy to use and portable stove is important. A stove should always be used only outside of the tent and never for heating the tent compartment. Sometimes, weather conditions can be so extreme outside, you may be forced to use a cover that only tent can provide. If so, do the cooking at the entrance, where there is plenty of ventilation and never ignite the stove inside your tent. The best,affordable backpacking stoves are made by Primus and Optimus. 

Emergency: A survival kit, containing blanket, tourniquet, fire starter, fishing hooks, wire saw, signal mirror and a few other things may help in a critical situation.

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