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SCARPA rock climbing shoes Boostic Unisex

  • Brand: Scarpa
  • Model Code: 70014/000
  • Availability: 20
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The Scarpa Boostic Rock Shoes is a marvel of climbing technology and bone crushing agony. It's based on the same last as the Scarpa Booster but has a more aggressive fit, while its other close relative the Instinct VS has a similar profile but much softer rubber. With a highly asymmetrical shape and a narrow, tapering fit towards the toe, the Boostic focuses all of the weight of the climber's body through the toe. This makes for an extremely precise climbing platform and some seriously mangled digits at the end of a pitch. The upper is a blend of synthetic fabric and suede for an uncompromising non-stretch fit. The Boostic is an excellent synthesis of down-turn, toe point precision, and rigidity. These combined design features create an edging machine that compensates for its limited sensitivity with the ability to apply tremendous force.

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