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Lyman Univrsal Bore Guide Set(.17 to.416)

  • Brand: Lyman
  • Model Code: 04045
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Tags: 04045, lyman
This protects both the chamber and the bore from abrasion by the cleaning rod during regular cleaning. "Universal" means that this set will fit most bolt actions and even includes a special adapter sleeve for the AR-15.

Precision machined from durable, anodized aluminum, the set comes with interchangeable tips that cover bore sizes from .17 up to .416 and the thread-on nozzles prevent the guide's sticking in the chamber. The guide's specially machined port makes applying solvent to the inserted cleaning patch easier and neater than trying to push a wet patch into the open end of the guide. The Universal Bore Guide Set works with most cleaning rods like Lyman's Universal Cleaning Rod System and Jag and Brush Set.


- Essential to protect your chamber and bore
- Properly aligns and guides your cleaning rod
- Interchangeable tips fit .17 to .416 caliber rifles
- Durable, precision machined, anodized aluminum
- Machined-in solvent port
- Includes adapter sleeve for AR-15's
- Fits most bolt action rifles and AR's
- Thread on nozzles prevent sticking in chamber


- Weight: 6 oz.
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