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GUNMASTER 16 PC. .22 cal. Hybrid Cleaning Kit

  • Brand: Gunmaster
  • Model Code: GM22HY
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Tags: gm22hy, gunmaster
A wonderful way to remove your firearm of unwelcome compounds, the is a great approach to make sure your weapon is clear and effectively managed. These Gun Cleaning Kits from the experts at DAC Technologies are completed by using resilient and efficient components intended to ensure that you get years of effectiveness. DAC Technologies has been trying to keep firearms clear for an exceptionally long time, and the is a direct result of the energy they take to give you the most beneficial cleaning tools for your weapon.

Kit Includes:

- Hybrid Multi Function Handle
- 3 Piece Rod
- 33 Pull Rod
- .22 Caliber Brush and Mop
- .22 Caliber Slot Tip
- .22 Caliber Solid Brass Jag, Brush and Accessory Adapter
- 6 Piece Bit Set
- 25 Cleaning Patches
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