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OTIS TECHNOLOGIES 6.8MM Cleaning System (Boxed)

Otis Technology 6.8mm Law Enforcement Cleaning System 268 BX is designed to give you optimum performance from the weapon that could save your life or the life of an innocent civilian. Weapon maintenance is an important aspect of every police officer's routine, and this Otis Tech cleaning kit helps you to maintain your weapon with ease and efficiency. From the bolt carrier to the lock lugs, these cleaning tools can help you dismantle your 6.8mm rifle and give it a thorough cleaning. The dual Memory-Flex cleaning rods are the centerpiece of this comprehensive cleaning kit; use the slotted patch holder to secure one of the 100% cotton cleaning patches to the rod and get scrubbing right away. These circular patches quickly absorb large amounts of the included Otis O85 Ultra Bore Solvent and apply it evenly to the interior and exterior of your 6.8mm rifle with full 360i?° coverage. The Otis Tech 6.8mm Rifle Cleaning Kit also includes brass obstruction removers to clear stuck cases and other obstacles from your bore.


- Designed for 6.8mm rifles
- One 8" and one 30" Memory-Flex cleaning rods
- Solid brass slotted tips
- 100% cotton cleaning patches
- Bore brush
- 0.5 ounce tube of Ultra Bore Solvent
- Brass obstruction removers
- Instruction booklet
- Mini CD-ROM with instructional videos
- Includes: Soft-pack carrying case


- Weapon Type: Rifles
- Caliber: 6.8mm
- Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 2"
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