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HOPPES BrushKit 12 Gauge Shtgn, Phsphr Brnz 3 Pk

  • Brand: Hoppes
  • Model Code: 1459BK
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Tags: 1459bk, hoppes
Hoppe's No.9 12 Gauge Brush and Swab Kit includes one each of a matched-sized cleaning swab, Tornado brush, and phosphor bronze brush for cleaning and maintaining your 12 gauge weapon.


- Cleaning swab: 100% cotton, soft and washable. They are gentle and effective for cleaning and maintaining your weapon
- Tornado brush: Has a special spiral-wound design to removing fouling, without damaging the rifling. Stainless steel loops eliminate any bristle ends that could leave scratches
- Phosphor bronze brush: provides a thorough multi-directional scrubbing action for cleaning fouling, especially lead, out of your weapon without causing damage to the rifling
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