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OTIS TECHNOLOGIES Optics Cleaning System (Boxed)

Otis technology optics cleaning system 240 takes care of the most important part of your expensive optical equipment. Even the best digital cameras and binoculars are only as good as the quality of the lenses they're built around and a dirty lens is a less effective lens. Glass lenses, even multi-coated lenses, are easily smudged by fingerprints, dust and water spots, which can quickly impact the quality of your optics, especially when you're using delicate equipment like a rifle scope. The Otis optics lens cleaning kit has everything you need to maintain crystal clarity on all your optics equipment, courtesy of Otis technology. This useful cleaning kit contains lens tissues, lens cleaner solution and a mohair lens brush to gently swab away the dirt that mars your lenses in minutes. This Otis Tech cleaning kit comes in a handy nylon carrying case that's secured by a zipper and fits in your pocket, allowing you to clean lenses anywhere you like. Instead of letting the most important part of your optics suffer from grime and residue, use the Otis technology lens cleaner kit to see clearly through your advanced optics.


- Mohair lens brush for quick removal of dust
- Cotton swabs for cleaning hard to reach areas
- Premium lens tissues and lens solution for removal of water spots, Fingerprints and dirt
- Soft, microfiber lens cloth leaves optics Crystal clear
- Lightweight soft pack with belt loop for convenient carrying


- Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 2"
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