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LOCKDOWN 18? Original GoldenRod Dehumidifier

  • Brand: Lockdown
  • Model Code: 725731
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Tags: 725731, lockdown
The GoldenRod GunSaver Dehumidifier is designed to handle humidity from the interior of your safe, locker or cabinet and protects against rust by generating a low level of heat that removes moisture from the air. Comes with mounting brackets for easy installation. All GoldenRod GunSafe Dehumidifiers come with a detachable plug for easier mounting. This model features a six foot power cord and must be mounted horizontally at the bottom of an enclosure to work properly. UL listed.


- Length: 18"
- Protects Cubic Feet: 200
- Voltage: 110
- Watts: 18
- Power Cord Length: 6 Feet
- Tube Diameter: .890"
- Heating Element: Lightweight Alloy Tungsten
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