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EXTREME DIMENSION WILDLIFE Mini Remote -Green w/ Pred 2 & 3 Sticks

Use one or any two of the interchangeable mini Phantom Sound Sticks - for a total of 10 sounds and a Mute.

Need a variety of sounds for Hunting Predators? Just slip in two of the Predator Sound Sticks and start calling, with up to 150-yard wireless range, and up to 120db volume.

The hand-held Transmitter has an LCD display with easily navigated buttons and the Receiver/Speaker has a telescoping antenna for extended range and a decoy output port.


- Interchangeable Sound Sticks
- Up to 150 Yards Wireless Operation
- Plays 2 Sounds Simultaneously
- Overlaps the Same Sound
- Up to 120 db of Volume
- Remotely Operate 3 Receivers
- Remotely Operate Decoy - (decoy sold separately)
- Backlit LCD Display
- Mute Function
- Holds 2 Sound Sticks - 10 Sounds Total
- External Speaker Output
- Packed With More Features Than Units Costing Twice As Much
- Predator 2 Sounds: Dominant Howl / Juvenile Jack / High Freq. Cottontail / Baby Cottontail / High Pitch Bird
- Predator 3 Sounds: Female Invite / Cottontail / Adult Jack / Wounded Coyote / Raccoon Distress
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