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EXTREME DIMENSION WILDLIFE Phantom Whitetail - Pro-Series Wired

The Phantom Whitetail Pro-Series wired call comes complete with a remote transmitter, remote receiver module, and two long-range antennas. With the Phantom Whitetail Pro-Series wired call you're able to overlap the same sound, play two sounds simultaneously, or switch out your sound module for a different one. Sound Modules available are Whitetail, Predator, Predator 2, African Predator, Gobbler, Moose, Elk, Bear, Honker, and Duck-Goose. The Phantom Whitetail Pro-Series wired call operates on 4 AAA batteries yet produce an impressive 126db of volume with their 16-bit sound processors and 15-watt speaker. These calls are built to be used in all weather conditions.

Included in this call are the following sounds: Buck Battle, Social Sparring, Snort/Wheeze, Dominant Grunt, Social Grunt, Tending Grunt, Estrus Bleat, Fawn Distress, Antler Tree Rub, Ground Scape, Forage Paw, Deer Step.


- Interchangeable sound modules
- Automatic shut-off after one minute at idle
- Power and low battery LEDs
- Raised rubber keypad
- Detachable belt clip
- -40 degree operation
- Sealed module ports
- Mute button
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