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Pro 300 Purple Rain

  • Brand: Pro ears
  • Model Code: P300PUR
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Tags: p300pur, pro ears
If you're worried about losing your hearing, then the Pro Ears Pro 300 Wind Abatement Hearing Protection NRR 26dB Headset is for you. The Pro Ears Pro 300 Hearing Protection Headset offers industry leading DLSC compression technology, wind abatement programming and built-in quality similar to our top of the line Gold Series. The circuit board on these excellent Ear Muffs from Pro Ears reduces high frequency filtering which may benefit those with high-frequency hearing loss. Separate circuit boards, one in each cup, with their own on/off and volume controls eliminates the need for wires and increases reliability and adjustability. Don't shoot your ears out, get the Pro Ears 300 Ear Muffs.


- Preset at 15 decibels of amplification for operation in a continuously noisy environment
- No high frequency filtering to help those with high frequency hearing loss
- Highly versatile cup - multi-purpose design
- Hearing protection reviews consistently rate the Pro 300 as a best value
- Available with behind-the-headband for use with full brim hats


- Pro-Ears P300PUR: Pro 300 Wind Abatement Hearing Protection NRR 26dB Headset,Purple Rain
- Color:Purple Rain
- NRR: 26dB
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