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Pro Tac 200 Black, Behind the Head

  • Brand: Pro ears
  • Model Code: PT200BBHH
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Pro Ears Pro Tac 200 NRR 19 Hearing Protections have incredible performance and price. If your job calls for occasional use of hearing protection but situational awareness still matters. The natural sound of the Pro Series by Pro Ears is almost as good as the Pro Ears hearing protections from Gold Series and is better than any other active hearing enhancement product on the market. The biggest difference in sound between the Pro Series and Gold Series is a longer attack time of 5.5 milliseconds versus 1.5 milliseconds for the Gold Series. The ProEars Pro Series has the same great 8X sound amplification to ensure you hear the bad guys before they hear you. ProForm leather ear cushions with visco-elastic foam ensures the highest level of sound attenuation and comfort available. An internal battery compartment eliminates unnecessary cuts or voids in the external cup, improving the noise attenuation properties of the cup. No tools are required to change the battery. The Pro Ears Pro Tac Series offers the longest battery life in its class. ProEars reliability gives you the confidence to be your best. ProEars believe in our American-made electronic ear muffs so much we have provided the longest most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Independently tested and certified. The Pro Ears Pro Series does not have all the features that come standard with the 8 bit microprocessor on the Gold Series but they do offer great sound real comfort and effective sound attenuation. The Pro Series from Pro Ears offers industry leading DLSC compression technology wind abatement programming and built-in quality similar to our top of the line Gold Series. The circuit board reduces high frequency filtering which may benefit those with high-frequency hearing loss. Separate circuit boards, one in each cup with their own on/off and volume controls eliminates the need for wires and increases reliability and adjust-ability. ProEars thought about offering a recessed, electronic volume control with on/off switch (they look cool) but after in-field tests proved a shooter wearing gloves had better control with Pro-Ears old fashioned pots we decided performance was more important than looks. Behind the head models (6.8oz) compatible with MICH ACH and PASGT helmets Foldable design for compact storage Preset at 15 decibels of amplification for operation in a constantly noisy environment No high frequency filtering for those with high frequency hearing loss Best value hearing protection in the price range.
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