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Pro Tac Plus Gold Black, Lithium 123 Batt

  • Brand: Pro ears
  • Model Code: GSPT300LBLACK
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
The Pro Tac Plus Gold has a contoured cup for lower weight for long term use. Maximum concealment. All firearms can be used with this cup profile comfortably. The NRR is 26. Provides excellent noise attenuation. Llightweight and concealable cups. These Pro Tac Plus Gold units have the fastest attack time in the industry at 1.5 milliseconds. Exclusive DLSC technology which allows the user to hear all commands-whether indoors or outdoors-clearly despite continuous gunfire to ensure maximum safety. These Gold Series units are extremely comfortable with Pro Form Leather ear cushions that dont crack or sweat. Contain an 8 bit micro processor that ensures the unit is running right every time. Automatic shut-off.


- Contoured cup for minimal or no interference for long gun use
- Available with lithium 123a batteries
- High and low gain settings
- Dual military grade circuit boards
- Auto-shut off after 4 hours of inactivity
- Designed for moderate noise environment
- Great for outdoor ranges
- Best firearms shooting protection for outdoor ranges
- Ideal for use with all handguns and long guns
- Great for flight crews conducting pre-flight inspection
- Listen only communications with high fidelity


- NRR 26
- Weight: 9.3 oz
- Made in USA
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