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SPORTEAR Microblast 30

  • Brand: Sportear
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SPORTEAR Microblast 30

Sportear MicroBlast ”Open Ear” product line gives you the most natural hearing amplification on the market. A virtually invisible design that hides in the shadow behind your ear.

  • Open Ear technology is excellent for everyday use and in situations where you need hearing enhancement only, not ear protection. Use while in recreational environments, or in the field while scouting game, bow hunting, etc.
  • When shooting, use SportEAR’s revolutionary AutoBlocker™ – 100% digital compression hearing protection to protect your ears from the damaging effects of muzzle blast. This same technology works extremely well in all loud, noisy environments. Just place a SportEAR foam cover for maximum hearing protection.
  • Thin Teflon tube for invisibility
  • Clear acoustic tip allows clear & natural hearing
  • Push-button volume control, 30dB Gain
  • 30dB NRR with foam tip

                                                            Microblast device selection:

                                                        MicroBlast 30           MicroBlast 210         MicroBlast 412          MicroBlast 812

Power                                               30db                         36db                         42db                         48+db

Max Noise Reduction                        -29db                        -29db                       -29db                        -29db

100% Digital                                     yes                            yes                           yes                            yes

Feedback Reduction                           yes                            yes                           yes                            yes

Custom Fit Available                          yes                            yes                           yes                            yes

Advanced Feedback Cancel                 no                             yes                           yes                            yes

Background Noise Reduction               no                             yes                           yes                            yes

Multi-Program Memory                       no                             no                             yes                            yes

Event Data Logging                            no                             no                             no                             yes

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