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SPORTEAR Select-A fit 412

  • Brand: Sportear
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SPORTEAR Select-A fit 412

Sportear original revolutionary Select-A-Fit system gives you fivetips to customize your fit for maximum comfort. The Select-A-Fit shell uses a non-allergenic medical grade rubberized material for an ultracomfortable fit and durability of your SportEARs in the outdoors.

  • Easy to use volume control wheel
  • Microphone cover reduces wind noise
  • Five interchangeable tips to customize fit
  • 42dB Gain Volume Control
  • 22dB NRR
  • 30 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

                                          Sportear device selection:

                                                   Select-A-Fit 30   Select-A-Fit 210   Select-A-Fit 412

Power                                          30db                    36db                      42db

Max Noise Reduction                    -22db                   -22db                     -22db

100% Digital                                 yes                       yes                         yes

Feedback Reduction                       yes                       yes                         yes

Custom Fit Available                       no                        no                          no

Advanced Feedback Cancel              no                        yes                        yes

Background Noise Reduction            no                        no                         yes

Multi-Program Memory                    no                        no                          no

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