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PRO EARS Stalker Gold NRR 25 Adv Max4 Camo

  • Brand: Pro ears
  • Model Code: GSDSTLCM4
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Pro Ears number one seller. Designed for extreme high noise environments and is rated at NRR25 (Noise Reduction Rating 25db) while DLSC Technology allows you to hear softer sounds for better audio range while protecting your hearing from excessive damaging noise volumes. The Stalker comes with the internal gain settings ready for the hunter to assist in hearing his prey at long distances by amplifying low level sounds. A low profile, chop side cup won't interfere when you get "buck fever".


- Harmful noise levels are kept to within 70 dB while sounds below 70dB are amplified up to 8X Normal Hearing so every sound is heard even at great distances. Incredible 50dB of gain.
- Exclusive 8 Bit Micro Processor instantly performs a complete system diagnostic
- Military Grade Circuit Boards with Gold Connectors
- Auto Shut off (at 4 hours)
- Low Battery indicator
- DLSC Technology for better audio range
- Fast Attack Time Recovery (1.5 milliseconds)
- Programmable / Automatic Gain Control
- True Stereo Delivery
- Independent Audio / Volume Controls
- Proform Leather Ear Seals
- Adjustable Head Band
- Batteries Included
- Apple iPod, CD, motor sports scanner or radio compatible using a 3.5 mm mini jack. Enjoy high fidelity sound while protecting your hearing


- Weight: 10 oz
- Color: Camo
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