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AIMSHOT Arbor 300 WeatherbyMag

  • Brand: Aimshot
  • Model Code: AR300WEA
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Tags: ar300wea, aimshot
These caliber specific arbors accept the Aimshot Bore Sight 223 Laser Diode Module. Simply insert the module into the arbor and then insert the arbor into the chamber. A bright laser beam shines through the bore of the gun and is visible on the target, allowing for initial sighting in of optical sights. This system saves time and money that would otherwise be wasted getting the shots "on paper."


- Fits: 300 Weatherby Magnum
- Material: Brass


- For use with Aimshot Laser Boresight .223 Diode Module.
- Slides over .223 diode module to allow for a perfect fit and exact centering to the firearm's bore.
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