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AIMSHOT MBS223 and AR243, AR264, AR3006

  • Brand: Aimshot
  • Model Code: MBS-Kit2
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Tags: mbs-kit2, aimshot
The AimShot Universal Laser Bore sight is the most complete, accurate, easy and inexpensive way to accurately bore sight your weapon. AimShot offers the widest line of laser bore sights, and can bore sight anything from 17HMR to 50BMG. Just slide the AimShot Laser Bore sight cartridge into the caliber-specific arbor into your chamber and a laser dot is projected down the exact centerline of your barrel for extremely accurate scope or sight adjustment. Cartridge arbors are meticulously engineered with precision for a flawlessly centered dot every time. All material that touches your rifle chamber is solid brass so there is no chance of scratching or marring your chamber and is much more dimensionally stable than other materials.

This kit includes the original BS223 laser bore sight module as well as the .243, .264 Winchester Magnum and .30-06 arbors to cover most of the major rifle cartridges. Will bore sight any .223 based cartridge, any .308 based cartridge (.243, 7mm-08, .338 Fed, .260 Rem), any .30-06, .270, .280, .25-06, .300 Savage with the included .30-06 arbor, and any .264 Winchester magnum based cartridge (.264/.300/.338 Win mag, 7mm Rem mag, .257/.300/.340 Weatherby Mag, 7mmSTW, and .308 Norma Mag).


- Boresights .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, Winchester Magnum, and .30-06 Springfield and related cartridges (see technical information)
- Includes: external battery pack
- Can be used with 3 standard L41 batteries (included) or 2 AAA batteries (included) in external pack
- Convenient storage pouch


- Maximum sighting range: 100 yards
- Laser Color: Red
- Battery: AAA (2) or L41 (3) (Included)
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