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BARNETT Cross - Side Arm Quiver

  • Brand: Barnett
  • Model Code: 17140
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Tags: 17140, barnett
Barnett Side Arm Crossbow Quiver


- Fully Integrated: A maximum of 3 arrows can be stored on your crossbow using the SIDEARM quiver,offering a truly ambidextrous and easy to use compact lightweight system
- Activ-Protection: Broadheads can be attached or released from the SIDEARM quiver with the protective head still intact,which protects the user from injury and stops expensive arrows from getting damaged in storage
- Full Capture Design: The SIDEARM quiver remains fully secured to the crossbow for easy arrow access and shooting within seconds.The detachable hood allows for rapid removal allowing for mobility without damage to your bow or broadhead.
- Compatibility: The SIDEARM quiver is designed to fit a range of Barnett Crossbows.
- Riser Mount & Hardware Included
- Balanced and Compact
- Lightweight
- Ambidextrous Fit
- Full Broadhead Enclosure
- Picatinny Rail Mounted
- Arrow Storage: Stores most hunting arrows with either field points,fixed or expandable broadheads


- Compatible with most Barnett 2014 Models: Ghost 410,Ghost 385,Ghost 360,BCX,RAZR Series,Brotherhood,Wildcat C6,Quad Edge,Quad Edge S,Vindicator & More
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