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DEAD RINGER Rampage 100/125 Grain 3 Blade 1.5" Br

  • Brand: Dead Ringer
  • Model Code: DR4750
  • Availability: 12
Similar to the Rampage 2-Blade, the Rampage 3-Blade offers more cutting surface to allow for an immense blood trail, making tracking easy. Low profile by design, only 7/8" in flight, and still a devastating 1.5" on impact. With 0.32 thick spring stainless steel blades, hardened stainless steel trocar tip, a T-6 aluminum ferrule and the most durable o-ring retention system, Dead Ringer has changed the industry by using superior materials than the competition.


- This is a replacement for the Rampage 3 125 Grain 1.5? Blade
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